Paradigm Theorem - Excessive Force

Paradigm Theorem - Excessive Force
Excessive Force…  Is this what our world has become?

This mix is dedicated to the brave men and women fighting the war against oppression, tyranny and corruption. Fighting for lost freedoms, stolen rights and dignity. Fighting… for the future.

To the men, women and even children risking their lives and what little livelihood they have left to seek the life we all deserve. Against the blind, brainwashed and hypocritical forces sworn to protect them they fight. Excessive Force is an obvious understatement when spending even ten minutes online daily offers another host of gruesome scenes and the bloodied faces of heroes who stand strong in the face of violence. Every day being beaten, abused and even pepper sprayed in the face for seeking peaceful resolutions and still the fight continues.

Abused behind the scenes by corrupt governments, banking cabals and megalomaniacs poised on world domination, we have suffered. Our eyes are opened and we will no longer stand idly by and watch as the future falls through our fingertips. The revolution will not be televised and still it spreads like wildfire through community, social media and word of mouth. From city to city and now country to country it will continue to grow. It is in the heart that we share and it will not be silenced.


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