Paradigm Theorem - Funk Ain't Allergic th the FUTURE

Paradigm Theorem - Excessive Force

Awww Yeah! That's right bitches, you think Paradigm Theorem forgot about the funk?

That's right I just spoke about myself in the 3rd person and all y'all funk junkies better pull your socks up, 'cuz this' the kinda shit you ain't never heard before. Sounding like it was produced in the 70's isn't a prerequisite for funk in my books, 'cuz you know I like the freshness.

Yeah, it's kinda like funk, but vit a little zomthing ekstra zat ve in da industry like to call "Fat Mother F&$%ing BASSLINES"... So you know... dope... or whatever... Because funk ain't allergic to the future, bitch!


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