Paradigm Theorem - Eclectronica Vol. 4

Eclectronica Vol 4 - HeartEclectronica Vol 4 - Soul

Another spectacular journey through the mind and body awaits you in this new installment of the Eclectronica series. Straight from the very essence of my being, these mixes have become as much a part of my life as the air I breathe. They get me through the good times and the not so good, though, the more I listen the less not so good times there are. I hope these mixes are as special to you as they are to me because I will continue to make them until my very last breath.

Disc 1, Heart:
Everything organic and chill, old and new. These are the gems of music from the good old days, even if some of them are being produced today. Here you will be blessed with some old memories and the opportunity to make new ones. From funk to trip-hop to house and more limited only by the organic nature of the composition.


Disc 2, Soul:
Only the absolute cutting edge of sound design makes it to the selection of tunes granted a stay in the 2nd discs of the Eclectronica series. These are the gems of days not yet come to be. Psychedelic soundscapes, synthetic melodies and glitched construction are the encapsulation of these diverse discs. Here you will find IDM, Glitch, Dub and some unclassifiable beauty. A beauty that cannot be replicated by natural means, this is the grand orchestral sound of the future.


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