Paradigm Theorem - Eclectronica Vol. 5

Eclectronica Vol 5 - WildEclectronica Vol 5 - Free

As life takes us all in different directions, sometimes we are led astray. Sometimes these unknown paths even lead us to places where we are frightened, confused or alone. It is in these moments where we must stay true to ourselves and remember to love every minute of this precious gift, for only through the hardest of times can we learn who we really are. With a little patience and a lot of care, another path will eventually show us the way to a brighter future if we simply stay open to the possibilities.

You are not alone. I love you <3 

Disc 1, Wild:
With a few new genres using the 808 and some other throwback techniques, I've added a few new ones to the list of tunes that fit perfectly in the organic nature of disc 1. Adding some new flow and rhythm to all of the tracks and genres we know and love, I think you'll find these changes a fitting and wonderful addition to these beloved collections. 


Disc 2, Free:
With most of the tracks following a trend of beauty without genre, this collection of alluring soundscapes is ready for you to let your mind relax and take a trip through another dimension of sound. Let the unfamiliar guide you on a journey spanning the uplifting to the sublime.


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