The Whole Sound Advice Crew


BenjaMindBenjaMind is about music designed to change perception, opinion, and prejudice. Two things are better than one, and i am trying to combine every element that I can to try to deepen the general experience of electronica. Think about it, then think about it differently. That's what I'm going for.
Oh, and shake it out to some bass heavy, crunky, break music!

Sinthetik Creatures

Sinthetic CreaturesAlways evolving yet ever maintaining her addictive "hard and dirty" attitude, Shy's DJ sets consistently obliterate the ordinary. They're seeping aural pleasures of delicious bass and soulful melodies that leave you utterly satisfied, wearing haze filled smiles and sore muscles for days afterwards: the good kind of pain. But brazen party is only one forte of this stage charmer's persona. Painting layers of psychedelic, enigmatic downtempo is her not-so-secret mistress. Taste the intoxicating beats of her passionate sets. Experience the sounds of Sinthetik Creatures just once and you will be thirsting for more...

The Underdog

The Underdog

His heart lies in breaks, but we mean anything broken. Fueled from the dirtiest of basslines these broken beats range from 60-180 beats per minute taking you on a journey through Dub, Glitch, Midtempo, Electrofunk, Drum & Bass and any other genres the world can make up. When he lights up the decks his mood will be your own and it's likely the party is immenent.
After touring various western Canada music festivals for a few years and turning a gig on the award winning Sound Advice renegade stage at Motion Notion into a slot on the official festival roster, he has also started working closely with the Fractal Forest stage crew at Shambhala Music Festival. The heart and soul that The Underdog pours into his music and performance is born from a lifestyle lead completely surrounded by a sea of positivity fueled veteran DJ's Producers, and festival promotors. He shows no signs of letting up now with a full investment in high end studio gear, you can expect to see 'The Underdog' in a lot more places that just your favorite festival lineups very soon.

Pete Wilde

Pete WildeHe's Pete, he's Wild, and his beats beguile... pretty ladies aplenty that is, out onto the dance floor leaving us lads with little choice but to follow. This local legend has such an old school mentality that educational institutions should be paying him licensing rights. He never misses an opportunity to play exactly what you needed to hear, and he's always in tune with the crowd, drawing people in on or off the decks, you know that you've met someone as essential to the scene as the music itself.


LixLix started spinning in 2007, but his roots in the scene in Calgary run long and deep. His musical journey initially began with a love for breaks, then progressed inevitably to funky house. Once he found his niche there a unique sound all his own began to flow out and Lix was born. Driven by an intense passion for the music on and off the decks hes become known for getting dance floors moving and is sure not to disapoint.

Michelle C

Michelle CNow considered Western Canada's fastest growing female DJ, Michelle is passionately dedicated to the music she plays, and the people that love it. Ever since she got her hands on the decks, she has evolved to become more than just a music lover, and run of the mill disc jockey, constantly defining herself from the rest with her high energy behind the decks, leaving a lasting mark on everyone who experiences her show. This force of nature known as Michelle C will entertain you... Although mainly recognized for her funky whomping bass lines, Michelle has a diverse and undisputed talent for melding between every type of music and is always ready with a style for every situation, showing unparalleled versatility. Her ability to construct a flow of energy through sound while always giving the crowd what they want makes her a true clubbers DJ. Being featured as a headliner at major outdoor festivals, and currently rocking crowds over 2000 people, Michelle C has only touched the surface. Behind the decks or in the crowd, Michelle has an infectious energy, and every time you hear her play, you'll find that you can’t help but move to the vibration.

Paradigm Theorem

Paradigm Theorem

The Founder of sound advice broke into the Alberta music scene in 2005 with a heavy vengeance, making it very apparent to the local scene that dirt was in. Playing all the Ultra-Heavy Bass line Fueled sounds that people thought the dance floors were afraid of, paired with his extreme high energy and "too into the music to look at you" attitude he very quickly made a name for himself as a must see dj. You can always catch him bringing epic "hands in the air" drop after drop keeping the floor filled with veteran party-goers screaming for more. The journey through music in the sets he weaves now defy classification, Categorizing this man is just not a possibility. Everything from the heaviest hard hitting sounds to soulful soundscapes, taste it once, and you will be back for seconds. Having released an astounding 13 mix cds in the past 3 years, it is clear that creativity and work ethic come naturally to him. He has a powerful following with a natural talent to attract the masses, and he delivers... every time. The future of this DJ is clear, his fresh attitude, new era style, and passion for music aligns him with the best. Be sure to follow him through the journey he has for you. It will be a long one. You will not be disappointed.


Big Delicious

Big DeliciousAs soon as he picked up the decks in 2001 Big Delicious has been spinning straight science. Hip-hop to breaks with some sprinklings of house and old school, he keeps the floor full of vibin' positivity and big room beats. One of the original members of Sound Advice since day one and since could not be stopped. After carving up the scene for 2 years under the solo flag, he went on to team up with another Sound Advice member Pete Wilde to form "Buck Wilde" and since has been resident at some of western Canada's largest summer music festivals including Motion Notion and Astral Harvest. With over a decade in the scene behind the decks, the evolution of this menace isn't stopping any time soon. The guest list is in and he ain't flexin'.



ArchetypeA malfunctioning satellite orbiting the Centaurus galaxy was once detected by earth-based instruments. The scrambled signal was decoded into a sequence of audio transmissions. After a long and extensive search for an individual that could decipher them, a being who was capable was finally discovered. His codename is Archetype. This wunderkind has had electronic music in his blood since day one. Securing turntables and a mixer at the age of 12 kicked off a nonstop study of music leading to a strong passion for funky atomic breakbeats, twisted hi energy house, forward-thinking drum and bass, and dubstep. Barely out of high school, Archetype's already had the pleasure of providing healing musical frequencies at festivals such as Motion Notion, Astral Harvest and many other amazing events around Alberta, and has been building a strong reputation province wide for his unfailing music selection. Starting in 2008 Archetype dove into creating music, and is quickly becoming known for programming synth-defying cutting edge basslines, Light To Dark, Funky To Sick. Archetype aims to uplift, and his future is the only thing that outshined his present.

Sonny Chiba

Sonny ChibaHe's loud... he's proud... he should probably be disallowed, but his unique fusion of dancefloor bangers and disco soul can pump up the groove in any crowd. You can always feel the intensity and passion for music when you're in the same room as this man, his love of having a good time is infectious. When he zones in and melds into the mix, a certain gravity takes over, and before you know it, you're moving to the beat, with a smile on your face. We're not sure if there's anything more important in the world than the pursuit of happiness and the sharing thereof with Sonny Chiba... You could say he's on a relentless pursuit when it comes to ensuring you have a good time. And, much like his bad-ass, japanese martial arts movie-god namesake, Sonny Chiba plays with no mercy, and we guarantee he will leave you wanting more. (subtitles not included)

Kryptos Rock

Kryptos RockHaving an early and eternal love of music, with a background in playing a variety of instruments, Kryptos Rock is the newest member of the crew to step up to the wheels of steel. Beginning with learning to play acoustic guitar at the age of twelve, he continued on through high school playing electric guitar in several rock and ska bands, while slowly discovering electronic music. These days, the guitar has been shelved on a sabbatical, but he’s sure to bring it out once in a while as a special treat, laying down some funk while in the mix, it’s sure to be an entertaining sight and sound. With a long time passion for the underground, his tastes and repertoire have spanned from punk rock to hip hop, and this spectrum of taste shows when he steps to the turntables. He's continually re-inventing himself as he finds his niche, but no matter what fresh new sound he puts before you, the same amount of passion continues to follow throughout. To him, music is more than just sound, it’s a force to be reckoned with.

Steve Velocity

Steve Velocity

Steve Velocity is a DJ/Producer from Calgary, Canada. He grew up playing a diverse range of musical instruments, then in 2002 he discovered his true passion, the production studio. Steve has also played many club nights, parties, and festivals over the years including regular appearances at Inshala, Astral Harvest, and Motion Notion festivals. His tracks have been released on record labels including Audio Planet Recordings, Epidemic Recordings, Malpractice Records, and Badbwoy Bass Records. His music has received DJ support from Far Too Loud, Jay Cunning, Angel Farringdon, Breakfastaz, Degree (of Knight Riderz), Soulfix, Bassnectar, Subvert, and many more.